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Preparing your income tax return can be a daunting task that can leave you with more questions than answers. Our return
preparation process is designed to ensure accuracy with every step. We give personalized service on a one on one basis to
individuals and owner operators of businesses with a view of minimizing your taxes.

  • Tax Services: Corporate

Today's business world requires enterprising accountants with initiative that can help you with the burden of filing
corporate taxes and financial planning options for your company whether for one small business, corporation, or a
group of companies. Part of what we do is an educational process for our clients, where we explain how the corporate
return rules work, and assist you in making choices that could reduce your tax liability.

Maximize your deductions and minimize the hassle. Even if you think you can handle your own tax returns, an experienced
professional that has extensive years worth of experience will know all of the possible deductions you can take on your
taxes, which can mean much larger savings for yourself. In addition, we can finish your returns in a small percentage of
the time it would take most individuals to sort through all the rules, instructions, and schedules.

We offer personal attention, and customized solutions. Gary Booth Chartered Accountants have provided tax help to
hundreds of satisfied clients. Because we are a small, privately owned business, you can be assured that you will get the
kind of one-on-one personal attention that you cannot get at a larger accounting firm.


  • Preparation of Corporate tax returns
  • Research and development of tax credits and refunds
  • Guidance through complex rules
  • Minimizing taxes
  • Compliance with tax laws
  • Goods & Services Taxation (GST) and Harmonized Sales (HST)
  • Setting up accurate record keeping systems
  • Strategic Planning and Risk Management
  • Determining the value of business interests for various purposes, e.g. tax planning, partner/shareholder buyouts,
    mergers, acquisitions or divestitures
  • Investigative accounting
  • Electronic Filing

To assist you in assembling your records we have developed The Corporate Tax Checklist PDF file in order to file your
corporate tax returns. See our Tax Tips - Tax Info Checklist for more details.

  • Tax Services: Personal

Gary Booth Chartered Accountants take pride in giving all our clients a great deal of "personal attention". We value our
clients and want to contribute to their success. Your issues are important to us and we have the skilled resources to
address all your needs.

We work hard to build long lasting relationships with all of our clients. Our GBCA Team will establish a starting point for
your tax basis. We will then expand and utilize this information for effective planning to minimize your taxes. Almost
everything you do in life, starting from marriage to buying your first home have tax consequences. We will help you to
determine your financial situation and provide solutions.


  • Preparation of personal tax returns
  • Sole proprietorships and partnerships
  • Home-based businesses
  • Electronic filing
  • Late filed returns or amended returns
  • Setting up accurate record keeping systems
  • Year-round consultations
  • Guidance through complex rules
  • Preparation of U.S. personal tax returns
  • Minimizing taxes
  • Goods & Services Taxation (GST) and Harmonized Sales (HST)
  • Estate planning and wealth management strategies
  • Retirement planning
  • Personal financial planning
  • Research and development of tax credits and refunds

To assist you in assembling your records we have developed the Tax Info Checklist PDF file in order to file your personal
tax returns. See our Tax Tips - Tax Info Checklist for more details.

  • Tax Services: Business and Rental Property Returns

The tax implications of purchasing additional properties or of renting property can sometimes be confusing. There are
two principal taxes that must be considered: capital gains tax and income tax. Income tax is payable on the net income
from a rental property.

The way in which property is purchased, and what occurs at the time of purchase, can mean a difference of $1000's of
dollars each year in tax refunds on the same property. It can pay for itself many times over by having an accountant who
is experienced in dealing with rental properties.

In order to maximize the return on a rental property it is often necessary to restructure your affairs. We can give advice
on the structure that is right for you.

  • Tax Services: U.S. Returns

We prepare personal US taxes for resident and nonresident individuals accurately and efficiently.

If you are a US citizen resident in Canada, you are subject to exactly the same US filing requirements as if you still lived
there. This means you must file every year, reporting your worldwide income. As a US citizen resident in Canada, you
must file two returns each year, declaring your worldwide income on each: a Canadian return because you live in Canada,
and a US return because you are a US citizen. However, there are several mechanisms available to make sure you are
not doubly taxed. We can help find your best options when preparing your US taxes.

  • Tax Services: Past Year Tax Returns

If you have not filed Canadian income tax returns for a number of years there is no reason to be worried about severe
penalties. For various reasons you may not have filed your federal income tax return for this year or previous years
because you may not have know that you were required to file. You also may not have filed because you owe additional
tax that you could not afford to pay in full or because you think you might receive a refund and just have not taken the
time to complete the return. Regardless of your reason for not filing, you should file your tax return as soon as possible.
Call us and we will help you.

  • Tax Services: Tax Planning

Tax planning is a vital component of your business’ success. It is also vital to the long-term financial planning for your
business, you and your family. Your current tax situation can have a big influence on your finances. Tax planning is a
process looking at various tax options to determine when, whether, and how to conduct business and personal
transactions so that taxes are eliminated or reduced. As an individual tax payer, or business owner your can have the
option of completing a taxable transaction by more than one method. There are many tax planning strategies available,
especially if you are a small business owner. Some deal with your individual tax situation, and some deal with your
business. We can help identify ways to save you more money now and in the future with tax strategies you can
implement right away.

Our continuing professional development and constant monitoring of current taxation laws ensures that our tax
professionals are able to offer you the most effective tax solutions for your unique business or individual needs.

  • Tax Services: Estate Planning

As your personal circumstances change, your financial plans, both current and future, should be reviewed and updated.
Estate planning is an integral part of an overall tax minimization. We work with you to develop succession strategies.
Our one-on-one approach allows us to build the strong personal relationship necessary to gain a full understanding of
your needs and expectations and ensure that they are met.

We suggest you prepare for the future through careful planning now. It might sound easy, but there's a lot to know.

Gary Booth Chartered Professional Accountants, Chartered Accountants
555 Burnhamthorpe Rd. - Suite 406, Toronto, ON, M9C 2Y3
Tel. No. 416-626-2727 - Fax No. 416-621-7136 - email: admin@garybooth.com

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Disclaimer: The data on this website is for information purposes only. We take no responsibility for any errors. Individual circumstances
can affect taxes paid. Consult with your accountant or advisor before using / implementing any of this information.
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