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Gary Booth Chartered Professional Accountants, Chartered Accountants | Ontario, Toronto, Mississauga - Chartered Accountant Canada GARY BOOTH


Computerized bookkeeping by GBCA will allow you to concentrate on what you do best, you business. Let us do what we do best,
accounting and taxes. Just bring in your check stubs, deposits and bank statements and we will provide you with a Profit and
Loss Statement along with a Balance Sheet.

We will custom design the Chart of Accounts to fit your needs and design statements that provide you with the information you
need to make profitable decisions for your company or for you personally.

We can also help you set up your computer so you can do this in-house, and even train you and/or your staff so that you can keep
your costs down and have the information at all times. Then we can double check the work to ensure accuracy, providing any
further training and assistance.

Our main objective is to help ensure that you have a clean electronic summary of information to complete your tax return in a
timely manner and with the least amount of professional cost.

Our philosophy is to provide enterprises as well as individuals with financial and business management solutions that take care
of all critical business and personal needs with minimal learning curves.

We help you with the installation, training and support of the following Accounting Systems:


Gary Booth Chartered Professional Accountants, Chartered Accountants
555 Burnhamthorpe Rd. - Suite 406, Toronto, ON, M9C 2Y3
Tel. No. 416-626-2727 - Fax No. 416-621-7136 - email: admin@garybooth.com

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